3 Salad Recipes that Don’t Suck

How often do you have a salad? Do you enjoy having salads? If salads aren’t your thing, try these 3 salad recipes that don’t suck – these are super easy to make and are loaded with all sorts of delicious yet healthy ingredients. Maybe you’ll like salads more once you try these recipes!

Salads are colorful and fully customizable. Make your own dressing for more health benefits! Store-bought dressing tends to have refined sugars, poor quality oils, and artificial flavors. They are also often high in calories and bad fats. Since they are stored on store shelves, there are also preservatives and chemicals added to extend their shelf life.

When making your own salad dressing, you know what you’ll be using – and it’ll be the finest and freshest of ingredients. It’s easy to make your own dressing! It usually involves a base, an acid, and a thickening agent.

When it comes to your salads, you would also pick the best ingredients – or have a look at the video below to get inspired to try new flavors!


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