Getting a Massage During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Answering Your FAQs

Perhaps you enjoyed regular massages before the COVID-19 pandemic, but now, you’re wondering if it would be appropriate to schedule an appointment. Specialists are going the extra mile to keep their clients safe so that you can enjoy a truly stress-free massage! If you have other burning questions about booking a massage during the pandemic, you can turn to these resources for helpful answers.

Q1. What steps should I take before I book my massage appointment?

A1. Prior to calling the spa, you’ll want to complete a few tasks to ensure your safety.

  • Read up on the symptoms of COVID-19 so that you can stay home if you contract it.
  • Worried that you might have caught COVID-19? Get tested before your appointment.
  • Ask the spa about their health and safety protocols.
  • Finally, research different massage styles to book the right service for your needs!

Q2. How should I prepare for my massage before I head to the spa?

A2. From eating light to cleaning out your home, here’s how to get ready for your massage!

  • Avoid eating a heavy meal - you don’t want to be bloated on the massage table!
  • Follow this helpful checklist to clear your home of negative energy so that you’ll feel calm and centered.
  • Get acquainted with proper massage etiquette to make things easier for your masseuse.
  • Grab a clean, cloth mask to take along to the spa.

Q3. Is there anything specific I should do after my massage to feel my best?

A3. Check out these resources for tips on creating a healthy routine.

  • Drink plenty of water to rehydrate when you get home from the spa.
  • Keep your muscles feeling relaxed and limber with soothing hot baths.
  • Want to feel blissful the next morning? Make sure to get a good night’s sleep!
  • To address any lingering back pain, try these stretches during your downtime.

If you consider massage therapy a non-negotiable aspect of your self-care routine, you can start looking forward to your next appointment. With the right provider, getting a massage during the pandemic is perfectly safe. At a responsible spa, you’ll be in good hands!

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