5 BEST Beginners Pulling Exercises to Start

In a resistance training routine, it is important to balance both pushing and pulling exercises as they involve different muscle groups and are important to maintaining posture. The muscles that are mostly used for pulling exercises are called the “posterior chain”. This group of muscles are mostly comprised of tendons and ligaments along the back or posterior of the body, such as the back, neck, hips, and legs.

More and more people are spending more time seated during the day, which thereby inhibits the use of the posterior chain muscles. If this group of muscles becomes neglected, it can negatively affect your posture, mobility, strength, and flexibility. The stabilizing muscles that help you stay in certain positions will then do all the heavy-duty work, which could result in aches and pains.

To correct this and train your body, movements such as jumping, running, twisting, walking, squatting can activate those muscles. Even when you are simply getting in and out of a chair – you will activate the muscles in the posterior chain.

Watch the video below to see what pulling exercises you can incorporate into your next workout routine! A good way to create the balance of pushing and pulling exercises is to include opposing movements in your routine. For example, when you do an upper-body pull exercise, include an upper-body push exercise as well.


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