5 Natural Ways to Boost Your Energy

With the number of tasks everyone needs to get done on a daily basis, it’s no wonder that the market is booming with products that claim that their product can boost energy and increase productivity. Though there are plenty of options that claim to provide quick energy, it can sometimes be difficult to find safe methods that only involve natural supplements or methods to provide a pick-me-up throughout the day.

If an all-natural approach is more of your style, consider using some of the ideas listed below to help naturally raise your energy levels during the day.

Natural Supplements

There are many supplements that offer energy benefits while offering all-natural ingredients. If you are the type to want to know exactly what you are putting into your body, you should do research so you can reap the benefits of energy-boosting supplements without sacrificing your preferences.

There are many companies out there and if you have a preference for all-natural supplements, you can look for companies that provide all-natural supplements such as Urban Monk on Instagram. Many all-natural supplements can be easily taken with you and consumed wherever you go, making them a quick and convenient way to get an energy boost no matter where you are.

Frequent Exercise

Making sure to get in regular light exercise can actually be a great way to boost your standard energy levels throughout the day. For those who don’t have a gym membership, don’t despair. Even brief, low-intensity exercise can be a great energy booster. Try to incorporate aerobic exercise into your daily routine.

For those who spend plenty of time in front of the computer, take intermittent breaks to take a brief walk outside. If possible, look to get at least 15 minutes worth of exercise. 15 minutes of exercise in the middle of your shift can help rejuvenate your energy levels enough to help get you through the rest of the workday. Get some fresh air and get your blood pumping. Stretch out those muscles and take deep breaths! But don't forget to stay hydrated! Which leads to our next point...

Proper Hydration

Though staying hydrated may seem obvious, it is frequently the cause of midday fatigue. Set up various methods to help remind yourself to engage in frequent hydration. For some, getting a large water bottle alongside a daily consumption goal can help. For others, using a hydration app that provides hourly reminders to drink a cup of water can be a great way to stay on track.

Go out of your way to keep hydration on your thoughts and work to meet your optimal hydration levels on a daily basis. If you happen to get an all-natural powder supplement, you can also add that to some of your drinks to keep things interesting.

Dehydration leads to fatigue because your heart works harder to pump oxygen to all your bodily organs when dehydrated. When you don't have enough water, it impacts the flow of oxygen to the brain, thereby making you feel tired and less alert.

Regular Sleep

Getting a good amount of quality sleep is integral to keeping your energy levels high throughout the day. Work to figure out how much sleep your body needs to perform at its best the next day. For most adults, 7 to 9 hours of sleep is the best way to start the morning off on the right foot. Try to give yourself a regular schedule to train your body.

Go out of your way to avoid consumables and activities that can dampen your ability to get quality sleep, such as certain types of food before bedtime or overly bright phone screens when you’re winding down. To top things off, make sure you have an excellent sleeping environment. Aim for the optimal sleeping temperature in your home and, if outside noise makes sleeping difficult, invest in earplugs or a white noise machine.

Lower Stress

Unsurprisingly, high levels of stress can result in extreme levels of fatigue. Stress can affect both your brain and body. By tackling your stress levels and looking to diminish them, you will actually be giving yourself an energy and happiness boost over time. Take some time to identify your stressors and try to minimize them. Look out for signs of possible overworking or burnout and give yourself breaks when possible.

Make time for things you enjoy, such as recreational sports or going to the movies with friends. Incorporate stress-reduction techniques into your regular routine, such as meditation and reaching out to your support network.

Use the tips listed above to give yourself an all-natural boost to your energy today.


Kevin Devoto is an avid outdoor enthusiast and freelance writer. He enjoys writing about sustainability, ecofriendly behaviors, and local travel. He has traveled all over the world but has taken a particular interest in our great National Parks.

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