Which is the Best Reading Posture?

Ever wonder why your back hurts while reading? Are you struggling to find the best sitting position?

Try these few tips to help you. Read below:

1) Sit straight in a not too over comfortable chair and table before you or simple hold the book in your lap (keeping some distance from your eyes)

2) Sufficient lighting from the left side; not behind or in front of you

3) Don't stress your eyes, simply close and open them every few seconds

4) Take 5-10 minute break after an hour of reading and stretch your legs and hands

5) Text must be of good size to prevent strain

6) Lying in bed can decrease your eye sight (for some) try to not use this position

7) Using a professional grade Back Support for support

There are many other ways, but try these to make sure you get the ultimate reading experience without any back strain or tired eyes.