How long should a massage take? | Maximize the efficiency and benefits of your massage session

How long should a massage take? A full-body massage from a massage therapist usually lasts about 30-60 minutes. Although some may offer longer massages, the sweet spot of around that time would provide all the benefits of a massage. However, longer massages do not necessarily mean more benefits. So how long should a massage take? It depends on what you are looking to get out of your massage. If you have spots that require extra attention, you may want to spend a little more time on the area or just focus on that area instead of getting a full-body massage. In addition, some spots may require several sessions before you see any results. Therefore, massages are not about the length. It is about whether the massage can effectively satisfy your needs and treat your problem areas. The length of the massage also depends on your tolerance level. Massage is often referred to be a form of passive exercise. Not many people can tolerate a long session of a deep-tissue massage whereas a light massage can be tolerated for longer. If you are treating your problem areas, longer massages in that area would not be more effective if you massage it for longer. Especially when treating a sore spot, it would be painful if you were to try to tolerate a long massage in the area. Massages should be comfortable. With a home massager like the Thumper Mini Pro, it speeds up the process and makes getting deep into the muscle much more efficiently. Simply park the Thumper Massager at a spot for about a minute and let our patented Thumping action take care of it. The percussive action penetrates deep into the muscle to help release tight knots and tension. If your massager shuts off after using it for some time, it is likely that you've used it for too long. Make sure you read the user manual for proper use and care of your massager. The Thumper Mini Pro is equipped with a red light on the handle that will light up if the massager gets hot. Thumper Massagers have a built in function for heat protection where it would shut down the machine when it gets too hot to allow it to cool. To take care of your massager, we recommend using it for a maximum of 20 minutes and letting it rest for at least 20 minutes. This protects the massager from overheating so that your massager can provide you years of service. If you have any questions about your Thumper, give us a call!