How To Lose Weight Without Setting Foot In A Gym

Adult obesity rates in America are on the rise, with nine states having adult obesity rates of at least 35 percent, according to a 2018 report by the Trust for America’s Health (TFAH). One of the biggest reasons why so many Americans are obese is the lack of proper and sufficient physical exercise. 80 percent of Americans don't get enough exercise; instead, they spend most of their time seated, whether it is at work, school, at home or in vehicles.

One way to start exercising to lose weight is by joining a gym, but many people are either unwilling or unable to. Luckily, you don't need to join a gym to lose weight. There are various ways you can get the exercise you need without ever stepping into a gym.

Try bodyweight training

Bodyweight training is ranked among the fastest-growing fitness trends right now, but the truth of the matter is that it has been around since ancient Rome. Bodyweight training is a great way to begin your weight loss journey, and the best part is that it requires no equipment at all, and you can start right this minute.

For example, here is an 8-Minute total-body workout you can try right at home and there are no weights involved!

There are many types of bodyweight training exercises that burn fat, including push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, and squats, which just require you to use your body. One of the best forms of bodyweight training for weight loss is HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training).

HIIT workouts combine high-intensity movements performed using your body weight with short intervals of rest to give you a fantastic fat-burning workout in just a few minutes.

Try this 10-minute cardio HIIT workout that you can also do at home! The point is, your home is a great place to workout in. There are many routines you can follow along with so your workouts can vary to keep things interesting and fun.

Invest in some training equipment at home

If you can't go to a gym, maybe you should bring the gym to your own home. Building a home gym can be expensive and hard, but you can start with the most important equipment for weight loss. When it comes to gym equipment for weight loss, the choice will likely come down to a stationary exercise bike or an elliptical machine.

Both machines can give you plenty of fat-burning exercise, and they do not require you to have a lot of space. However, an elliptical machine is probably the better option for losing weight all over the body, since it engages 80 percent of your muscles.

If you don't have too much space, buying a set of dumbbells can be a great start to add resistance to your current routine. There are also resistance bands and a bunch of other smaller gadgets that can help change your routine and after your workout, you can store these away.

Add jogging to your daily routine

If you want to lose weight, jogging more often is one of the most effective ways to do so. Jogging burns more calories than most other types of cardio exercise. On average, you can expect to burn 100 calories for every mile you jog, which translates into about a pound lost every month. You can adjust your speed, distance and incline as you please to control the number of calories you burn per jog.

Jogging outdoors not only allows your body and mind to be immersed in nature - it also changes the scenery and you can get some fresh air. Even if you live in a concrete jungle, just going around the block can be interesting.

Without a doubt, going to a gym is a good way to approach losing weight, but it's not necessary. If you put your mind to it, you can find ways to get the exercise you need to without going to a gym. There are no excuses! Even now, you should get up and stretch.

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