Kuychi Runa Association of Lima, Peru

kuychi rona collageThe Kuychi Runa Association was established in 2009 to support the sustainable development of the Andean population in the towns of Tinki and Ccoñamuro, Peru. The association promotes health, education, and nutritional and artistic programs to conserve the ancient heritage of the Andean Peoples. Kuychi Runa is committed to developing local infrastructures to overcome poverty and provide education and training to young women and children. Poverty rates are high in this area of Peru and households are not able to provide for basic human needs. Families are in need of nutrition, healthcare and shelter. Due to these factors, the Andean Peoples heritage is at risk. Kuychi Runa welcomes volunteers from all professions, especially doctors, nurses or healthcare practitioners to be one step closer in achieving their mission of eliminating poverty while preserving the rich Andean ancient culture. Since early 2014, Thumper® has become an active sponsor to Kuychi Runa, contributing financially to the excellent work done by the organization. We commend Ms. Emily Luks and Ms. Dolly Lizarraga for years of hard work and dedication in establishing this organization for such a worthy cause. For more information on Kuychi Runa, please visit their website at www.kuychiruna.com/