Noise Pollution is Ruining your Hearing

Noise Pollution is Ruining your Hearing Our world is getting gradually noisy, especially in cities. Sometimes, we take silence for granted – we love to have some nice, quiet, peaceful moments at home, but we can’t be at home all the time. When we go to places like restaurants, bars, gyms, and on the street, these places may be louder than you think. Noise pollution is ruining your hearing because we often can’t control the surrounding environment. However, you usually can control how long you will be exposed to loud noises for by walking away from it or wearing hearing protection. Health organizations warned us that continual exposure to loud noises – noises above 70 decibels – can potentially damage your ears. For someone who lives and works in a city, it is not a surprise if they come across these noise levels often. Hearing loss is common as it is the fourth highest disability worldwide. There are things you can do to prevent long-term exposure – and there’s even an app you can use so you can avoid loud places, thanks to user-reported data. Learn more about noise pollution in the video below!