Reasons Why Hong Kong Massage is Good for your Health

Hong Kong massage parlors are some of the most famous internationally. Tourists come from all over the world to sample these revitalizing services. A holistic massage can have both physical and psychological benefits. Studies show that the procedure can treat localized pain, stress and underlying medical conditions. It has also been found to heal muscle tightness and induce relaxation. This is one of the few relaxation techniques that has been described as non-invasive and useful to the human body, health experts also say that it facilitates metabolic and neurological mechanisms within the body. Magnificent effects of Chinese massage Massage refers to technical manipulation of soft tissues to maintain internal equilibrium and achieve a balanced mindset; it’s also very effective in clarifying body functions and removing toxins. Chinese massage is one of the oldest dating back 2700 BC, in ancient times it was practiced together with acupressure, acupuncture and usage of traditional herbs. These formed the essential components of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Hong Kong massage is also known as Tui Na, it consists of various components as discussed below: 1. Amno. It mainly includes gentle presses and rubs used to rejuvenate and maintain optimum health. 2. Tuina. It features more pushing and grasping for treating injuries, internal disorders, muscle and joint problems. 3. Dian Xue. The method uses similar processes to acupressure, where specific pressure points within the body are targeted to relieve tension and pain. The principle behind Chinese massage is streamlining any energy imbalances within the body, diseases are cured by restoring flow of Qi which refers to holistic drive and wellbeing. It’s aimed at activating and regulating energy networks thus increasing flexibility, straightening joints and easing spasms. The process is usually done on a stool or couch for more comfort, it can also be supplemented with certain exercises and dietary plans. Popular massage techniques There are various procedures that can be used to achieve the desirable results. Some of them include compression, friction, swing, percussion, pinching, vibration, joint manipulation, percussion and grasping. 1. Compression. Here, pressure is usually applied using the fingers, palms and limbs in order to execute complex motions like stepping, twisting and pressing. It results to relief of muscle stiffness, blockages while also promoting blood circulation. 2. Swing. It mainly consists of kneading, finger-pushing and rolling to create total relaxation. 3. Friction. Activities like rubbing, gliding, wiping and gliding are often done to create heat around the skin surface, thereby removing tension from underlying tissues. Rhythmic circular motions may also be used to treat abdominal problem, including gross scrubbing cues for specific body parts including the back, chest and limbs. 4. Percussion. Gentle finger tapping is often used on the patient’s abdomen, head and chest areas, fist striking may also be used for back while palm patting can be done on the limbs, hip and waist. 5. Vibration. Swift vibration, shaking and rocking of various body parts is usually done to resume optimum Qi movement. The technique also helps in alleviating gastrointestinal stagnation thus reducing constipation. Most hong kong massage spa facilities have physical addresses where clients can visit at their own convenience, however it’s always good to book an appointment before going for massage. Author Bio- This post has been written by Alisia Gomez. She loves to write about Health and Beauty.