What is Thumper patented percussive action?

FAQ - What is Thumper patented percussive action?

What makes an electric deep tissue massager effective? At Thumper, we've researched and developed our patented Thumping action in collaboration with chiropractors and massage therapists. Through this collaboration, it helped determine which speeds, frequencies, and depth are optimal for healing. So, what is Thumper patented percussive action?

The patented Thumping action allows the massager to get deep into your muscles with minimal feedback to the handle. Therefore, not only does the massage feel good to the person receiving it, but it also feels good for the person giving it. This is especially helpful for massage therapists that use an electric massager on their clients multiple times a day.

This Thumping action delivers vibrational therapy through percussive tapotement massage. This percussive action sends energy deep into the muscle tissue penetrating through all fascial layers, relieving muscular tension and fatigue. A good deep tissue massage brings so many benefits for the body!

Deep percussive action from the Thumper Mini Pro

Medical research has proven that putting energy into the muscle tissue at specific frequencies will release tension and promote healing of muscle tissue. With the help of chiropractors and massage therapists, we found the right frequencies and a comfortable range of penetration for an effective deep tissue massage. Too weak of a massage is not effective, but too strong of a massage can be damaging. To learn more about what strength of massager is right for you, check out this blog.

Deep tissue massages often involve tapotement action. Our patented Thumping action simulates tapotement massage, and yields similar results. An electric massager just makes tapotement massage much more efficient as it remains consistent during your session and the person giving the massage would not get too tired.

Thumper Massagers are made with high quality materials and are manufactured in a facility just north of Toronto, Canada. We support local businesses like Custom Prototypes to continue making high quality massagers that you know and love.

Check out the video below to see the patented Thumping action:


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